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Yamaha Summits

Yamaha Motor Corporation, Japan held the Yamaha Distributors Meeting 2015 in Dubai on the month of May.

Alia is proud to announce that Yamaha Japan has awarded Alia as the Best Spare parts Sales and Marketing Award & also Alia was awarded as the Best After sales provider among all the Yamaha Distributors.

Alia provides full scale after sales service for Yamaha products, and some of the products are even customized for Maldivian Market. Our team of experienced Mechanics are trained at Yamaha Motors Corporation, Japan and refresher training are conducted every year. They are also certified to conduct training programs in South Asian Region.

This is a great honor to Alia Investments Pvt. Ltd (the authorized distributors of Yamaha products in the Maldives), as well as to Maldives, though a small country with limited business potential has thrived in providing services and training to any country in this region.

Delegates who attended the summit include Senior Management staff from Yamaha Motor Corporation as well as CEO’s and Senior Management staff from all the Yamaha Distributors from all over the World.


Yamaha Summit 2014

In April 2014, Yamaha Motor Corporation, Japan, convened the South Asian Distributors Meeting in the Maldives from 6th to 8th April.

Alia Investments Pvt. Ltd., the authorized distributor of Yamaha products in the Maldives, proudly receives this esteemed recognition. The summit welcomed distinguished delegates, including senior management personnel from Yamaha Motor Corporation and CEOs from various South Asian distributors.

Alia Investments Pvt. Ltd. has been a pivotal player in the Maldivian market for 40 years, distributing a wide range of Yamaha products, from outboard engines to motorcycles, water vehicles, and more. Their close collaboration with Yamaha has contributed significantly to Yamaha’s success in the Maldives, where they continue to hold over 90% share in the commercial outboard engine market. As they celebrate their 50th anniversary, Alia expresses gratitude to their valued business partner, Yamaha, and looks forward to continuing this fruitful relationship.

The Summit was held in Paradise Island Resort, from 6th to 8th April 2014. All the delegates as well as the visiting team from Yamaha Motor Corporation stayed at Paradise during the summit. A visit to Male’ was also organized, for the delegates to experience the capital city and to have a feel of the local culture and the way business is carried out in our country.

Alia Investments Pvt. Ltd. takes immense pride in hosting this significant event in the Maldives. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to the senior management team from Yamaha Motor Corporation, whose decision to hold the event in the Maldives is greatly appreciated