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GI and MS items

Explore our range of GI and MS items, built to withstand the toughest challenges

Galvanized Iron (GI)

Galvanized Iron (GI) is a versatile and durable material widely used in construction, manufacturing and various industrial applications. The iron or steel coating in GI helps to prevent corrosion and rusting, extending the lifespan of the material even in harsh environments. Alia Store offers a wide range of GI with various thicknesses. 

Available product types: 

  • GI Angle Bar
  • GI Flat Bar
  • GI Square Pipe
  • GI pipe
  • GI Binding Wire
  • GI Thread Rods
  • GI Chain

Mild Steel (MS)

Mild Steel (MS) is a low carbon steel widely used type of steel in construction, manufacturing and structural applications due to its strength, weldability and machinability. It is a versatile, soft and ductile steel comparatively. It could be easily formed into various shapes, welded and manipulated to meet specific requirements. An extensive variety of MS items are available at variable thicknesses. 

Available Product Types: 

  • MS Angle Bar
  • MS Flat Bar
  • MS Sheet
  • MS Round Bar
  • MS Checker Sheet

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