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FT60 Cash Back Promotion 2023

At the Marine Expo 2023, Alia unveiled a very special promotion for customers purchasing Yamaha FT60 engines. Whether buying full cash, opting for installment options, or securing through a financial institution, customers were eligible to participate in the promotion.

All customers who purchased Yamaha FT60 engines were pooled together. Among them, one lucky winner received a cash-back reward for their Yamaha FT60 engine purchase consecutively every 02 months.

The promotion was run throughout the year from 15th March to 14th November 2023 and 04 winners were selected during the period.

The Yamaha FT60 engine stands as a testament to unparalleled reliability and remarkable fuel efficiency. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, FT60 has undergone rigorous testing in the waters of the Maldives, demonstrating its perfect suitability for the local environment.