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Celebrating 60 Years of ALIA

As ALIA marks its 60th anniversary, it stands as a testament to over half a century of visionary leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, and enduring partnerships. Established by Mr. Ali Abdulla in 1964, ALIA derived its name from its founder’s own, symbolizing a legacy rooted in humble beginnings and a commitment to excellence.

Under Mr. Ali Abdulla’s visionary foresight, ALIA embarked on a transformative journey from trading coconut timber and dried fish to becoming a pioneer in various industries, notably construction and trading. ALIA’s contributions to the construction industry are unparalleled, from undertaking resort development projects to constructing the first multi-story building and introducing concrete in hotel construction in the Maldives.

Beyond business endeavors, Mr. Ali Abdulla’s dedication to public service and ethical leadership left an indelible mark on ALIA’s legacy. Upon his retirement in 2000, ALIA underwent restructuring, leading to the formation of two distinct entities: Alia Construction Pvt Ltd and Alia Investments Pvt Ltd, now led by his sons, Mr. Atho Ali and Mr. Alau Ali.

One of ALIA’s most significant milestones is its enduring partnership with Yamaha Motor Company of Japan, spanning over 05 decades. As the authorized sole distributor of Yamaha products in the Maldives, ALIA has expanded its offerings from outboard engines to motorcycles and water vehicles. This partnership, characterized by mutual trust and collaboration, emphasizes ALIA’s commitment to delivering exceptional service and tailored solutions to its customers.

Looking to the future, ALIA aims to leverage its expertise and reputation to explore international opportunities, envisioning ALIA as a global venture. With a focus on professional corporate governance and a dedication to customer-centric service, ALIA is poised to continue its legacy of innovation, partnership, and service excellence for many years to come.

Best Stall at Maldives Marine Expo 2022

Alia Investments represented Yamaha in as one of the companies that took part in the Maldives Marine Expo 2022 held by the National Boating Association at Central Park, Hulhumale’.

Various companies from the marine industry participated at the Expo to showcase their marine products and services.

At this expo attended by the President of Maldives and other VIPs, Yamaha won the best stall award, in recognition of the creative and interactive display, which included quizzes and Yamaha Waverunner experience showcase for kids and adults to enjoy as well as product demonstrations of Yamaha’s outboard engines. The award was decided by a poll where attendees vote on what they thought were the best stall and Yamaha received the highest number of votes among all.

Yamaha’s winning of the Best Stall Award further showcases the company’s commitment to excellence in the field of marine services, as well as their ability to create innovative and interactive experiences for customers.

The company was able to engage with potential customers and promote the products through the use of the displays and exciting offers. It was evident that Alia Investments made a strong presence in the Expo with their distinct stall, as many attendees were drawn to it.

At the expo, Yamaha demonstrated its commitment to providing quality and reliable marine services in the Maldives.