Welcome to ALIA Investments Pvt. Ltd.

ALIA’s journey from the start to present and into the future is driven by our understanding of the need for creative, practical and commercially viable products that improve the lives of the most important element in our country’s economy – the hardworking, passionate individuals who keep our economy alive – our customers.

We are here due to the continued support of our valued staff, customers, and trustworthy partners.

Fifty years into our journey as a successful trading company, ALIA is proud to have established a strong, loyal bond with thousands of people across the Maldives and overseas. We look forward to venturing into the future with your continued trust in us.

What we are now, is what we were in our History

“To constantly excite and inspire our customers with exceptional products and services that will simplify, transform and improve their daily lives.”

“To lead the trading industry of the Maldives by guaranteeing efficient service delivery, reliability, responsiveness, and customer loyalty, by creating the best work environment, culture for our employees and inspiring each other to reach the highest potential while contributing to the performance and productivity of the company.”