Partner Companies

United Food Suppliers (UFS):

UFS is one of the fastest growing businesses in the Maldives, dedicated towards delivering meat, dairy items, vegetables and fruits of the highest quality from all over the world. UFS specialises in storage, supply, and distribution of temperature controlled food products using the most hygienic and professional methods.

Stone N’ String:

Stone N’ String, a global lifestyle and jewellery franchise which has its origins in Sri Lanka, provides Maldivian customers an array of exquisite jade,coral, tiger-eye, hematite, blue sapphire, and ruby creation in unique designs.

Master Dental Care:

Master Dental Care (MDCC) formerly known as Dent Care began its services in October 2011. MDCC is the first clinic in the Maldives specialising in laser treatment and is a one stop centre for a wide range of dental implant treatments.

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